Motivating Is Our Priority

In Green Light Foundation(GLF), We believe in motivating, mobilizing, encouraging, promoting, supporting, advocating, educating, and equiping students, teachers, young people academicians and all Zanzibaris with necessary skills, knowledge, materials, tools and equipment that will enable them to move on with their pursuit of Education and Life without being discouraged and failing or falling along the road, by doing this we are Lightening their ways and Brightening their Development for the prosperity of our Island and Tanzania Nation at Large


The mission of GLF is to Support, Cooperate and Work closely with the Government, Local, Regional and International Associations and Generous and Goodwill Individuals in Improving Educational Quality and Standards as well as Strengthening Development Activities in Zanzibar and beyond borders.


GLF is envisioned on being a Strong, Influential and Reliable Association in Supporting, Promoting and Strengthening Educational and all Developmental activities in Zanzibar and beyond borders.


Education Empowerment

Green Light Foundation is envisioned on being a Strong agent in empowering education sector in Zanzibar. The foundation has been engaging herself in numerous result oriented motivation programs in Zanzibar. The undertaking of inspirational programs in various primary, secondary schools and higher learning institutions in Zanzibar has been our utmost legacy

Youth Development

Green Light Foundation focuses on developing the capacities of youth in different areas. The foundation is currently engaging in various projects relating to youth empowerment. The foundation aspires to become the best job-creation agent in Zanzibar. In the on-going researches, the foundation is looking forward to build capacities of youth from the coastal communities in Zanzibar.

Health development

Green Light Foundation focuses on building better user friendly health systems in Zanzibar. Non-Communicable Diseases have been our core area of competence by introducing numerous sports and tournaments in Zanzibar. This enhances youth engagements and mobilization for socio-economic agenda in parallel.


  • “I am Fatma Ali Omar I did finish my study on 2018 at The State University of Zanzibar of Diploma in Social work, my appreciation goes to the Green light Foundation (GLF) for looking at me on my study and enable me to learn and complete my study , my strong words to GLf is to say “Thanks a lot”, and I wish GLF to help other like me.”

    Fatma Ali Omar

    Sponsored Student
  • “You have provided us with extensive food support to our school camp that has triggered huge success and outstanding performance for our students in 2018 national examination results. We value very much your support.”


    K/Samaki Principal
  • “My name is Khamis Ameir Khamis, I’m student and I have been fortunately included among the students who are supported with their study through Green Light Foundation since 2015 when I started certificate studies , then Diploma at SUMAIT University and now I got the chance to countinue my bachelor degree.”

    Khamis Ameir Khamis

    Sponsored Student